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Wanted:Detached houses / villas and traditional homes for sale! Big clients waiting list and great advertising potential ! We have already specific buying requests for houses in Roumeli, Bali, Panormo, Gerani and Kournas lake area.

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Prefabricated house example 4

Prefabricated Construction example :

The following project consists of 2 villas where the one is being constructed with our top prefabricated technology while the other as a stone built one. The full project has been designed by our team of architects and civil engineers in colloboration with our client and is being constructed fully by our company...

 Completion at 5 months!!!

Construction stages:


1)Land selection:

DJI 0358


2) Preparation of plans for the specific plot of land:


floor plans




3)Excafation, clean concrete, and basement construction with reinforced steel:

5  IMG 20200601 145023

4)Installation of the prefabricated walls with the best available technology, each wall consists of : Swedish pine wooden frame  of 130 mm x 50 mm peaces fixed every 40 cm, insulation inside the frame, osb shielding in both sides, gypsum board inside and thermoprosopsis system outside, all frame has been fixed with TORX special technology screws!

DJI 0771

 IMG 20200625 112617 resized 20200628 021136330


IMG 20200625 112553 resized 20200628 021136707

IMG 20200612 145308


5)Completion of electrical, plumbing installation, walls and tiled floors!

DJI 0812 DJI 0813


 IMG 20200724 142735 resized 20200724 071457501

IMG 20200724 142727 resized 20200724 071457231

IMG 20200724 142741 resized 20200724 071458478

6)Total Completion fixing internal and external doors and windows, kitchen, wardropes, outside landscaping , road and final touches at large ground and roof terrace!

DJI 0894

DJI 0912

IMG 20200920 162332 IMG 20200920 161919

IMG 20200920 162406

IMG 20200920 162715

IMG 20200920 162202

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